This article takes a look at The Ape Society ($SOCIETY), which is “a collection of 7,000 unique NFTs generated on the Cardano blockchain.”

The Ape Society token, $SOCIETY, can be used for transactions inside the ecosystem.

As highly popular and respected Cardano influencer “ADA Whale” (“@cardano_whale” on Twitter) pointed out earlier today, The Ape Society, which has been the top Cardano-powered NFT project by volume over the past 30-day period, according to CNFT.IO, it is also the most valuable NFT collection on Cardano with a current floor price (as of 10:40 a.m. UTC on October 11) of 4740 ADA.

Source: CNFT.IO

The Ape Society team had a booth at last weekend’s CNFT CON event in Las Vegas. Interestingly, according to Twitter user “Cardano Shield” (@CardanoShield), this booth was DAO-funded and 100% organized by the community. In an excellent thread posted on 7 September 2022, he explained why he believes that The Ape Society is “far & away” the strongest NFT project on Cardano:

Yesterday (October 10), The Ape Society released its litepaper:

Here is how this paper introduces the project:

TAS is a collection of 7,000 NFTs that form one of the biggest community-based DAOs in the Cardano ecosystem, creating an ideal aristocratic society with many family tiers and unique names. We aim to support builders, evangelists, and those with creative ideas that can push the entire community forward.

The Ape Society is divided into 35 families, each one with their own crest and relative lore, which in addition to a number of traits dictates the rarity of the NFT. The Apes are at the centre of the ecosystem and allow you through Frames to earn a number of rewards. We are the Web3 country club, the one-stop-shop for all the NFT and DeFi enthusiasts.