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The Gaming industry is more competitive than ever, and play-to-earn crypto games are exploding in popularity. New games are launched and released every single day, with each seemingly more exciting and immersive than the last. The biggest issue for game developers today is player retention; how do you ensure that gamers keep returning for more?

Blockchain gaming creates a new level of freedom when playing our favorite titles. Players can play to earn cryptocurrency rewards while maintaining full ownership over virtual assets, all of which are verifiable on the blockchain! Thanks to blockchain technology and play-to-earn crypto incentives, players have excellent reasons that keep them engaged and immersed in their favorite games, most importantly, coming back for more.

However, this nascent technology isn’t without its shortcomings. Taking this into account, MetaBlaze is developing a Web 3.0-based ecosystem around sound fundamentals, drawing from traditional business models while using modernized and innovative solutions to bring a more balanced and sustainable gaming economy to the world of P2E. Beyond the back-end of MetaBlaze’s development, the gaming experience features a series of interconnected NFT games. The MetaBlaze ecosystem follows a narrative of epic proportions, centered around a story that begins deep in the metaverse, in a far and distant galaxy known as – Galaxia Blue. It’s where the story becomes the ecosystem.

A Play to Earn Experience Designed to Become More Expansive and Immersive

Introducing MetaBlaze, an innovative play-to-earn crypto ecosystem changing the game forever. Pun intended. This new platform will provide gamers with a stable environment and ever-increasingly immersive, play-to-earn crypto gaming experiences while being a part of something bigger than themselves!

The Blaziverse is MetaBlaze’s flagship Decentralized Application (dApp.) Designed to serve as the central hub for its gaming metaverse. The Blaziverse dApp is the Player’s home base – a Web 3.0 dApp Interface that directly drives the MetaBlaze Metaverse Gaming Experience.

Within the Blaziverse dApp, users can access an interconnected series of play-to-earn crypto NFT games directly derived from the story of Galaxia Blue, home to an array of mystical planets and otherworldly beings. This enables participants an opportunity to become introduced to and immersed in its backstory and explore the wide range of utility for $MBLZ. At the same time, MetaBlaze will continue developing its AAA play-to-earn RPG (role-playing game,) projected to roll out in 2024 at the earliest.

The first mini NFT game slated to roll out is “MetaMinez.” An instance-based, strategy-driven NFT game where users can play to earn Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB), Solana (SOL), and more.

MetaBlaze’s NFT games build momentum and hype, and they also help build the reputation of the MetaBlaze project as they drive towards its ultimate masterpiece. The Metablaze RPG is described as a fully immersive, 3D, on-chain, play-to-earn gaming experience full of different worlds for players to explore and conquer.

Why Not Follow the P2E Native-Token Reward Trend? 

Play-to-earn crypto games have become increasingly popular in the world of cryptocurrency. In these games, players earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency and NFTs. To capitalize on these rewards, the user must sell the tokens they’ve earned through engagement. This revolving cycle leads to continuous inflationary emissions, forcing immense sell pressures on a native P2E token. This constant cycle of inflationary emission can lead to a downward spiral, as we’ve recently seen with Axie Infinity.

Minimizing emissions on $MBLZ will vastly reduce sell pressure and help keep prices stable. Gamers can finally earn crypto in an environment where they can trust that their rewards won’t be cut short by unforeseen circumstances, as often happens with other cryptocurrencies today.

While players will not be rewarded with MBLZ token, on the other hand, $MBLZ will serve as the native cryptocurrency within its ecosystem. This measure will help foster natural buy pressures on the MBLZ token. As a result, users will be more incentivized to hold onto their tokens rather than sell them for a quick profit, helping stabilize the long-term MBLZ economy.

In addition, MBLZ is deflationary by design. The MetaBlaze token is designed with various burn mechanisms that will permanently reduce the MBLZ supply over time. In fact, the Blaziverse dApp is equipped with an auto-burn mechanism that will burn a portion of $MBLZ token from in-game purchases.

As it stands, up to 48% of its total supply can be removed from circulation, incrementally increasing scarcity over time. This way, MetaBlaze provides a unique play-to-earn crypto framework that brings unique value to a deflationary native token while rewarding players with blue chip cryptocurrencies. The Blaziverse’s series of interlinked NFT games provide plenty of utility to $MBLZ, which helps increase players’ opportunity to earn top cryptos.

Is MetaBlaze Legit?

Blockchain security firm, Certik, has thoroughly audited the MetaBlaze (MBLZ) smart contract. In addition, the core founding team members are doxed. What does dox mean? The founders of MetaBlaze are public, as opposed to preserving their anonymity.

In addition, MetaBlaze made an excellent decision to undergo KYC with Certik, the world’s leading blockchain security company. According to the MetaBlaze Whitepaper, the founding team has earned a comprehensive KYC badge from Certik. The core team members went through rigorous ID liveliness checks and background checks. This has had a tremendously positive impact on the MetaBlaze community, as seen in the MetaBlaze Telegram channel. MetaBlaze seems committed to providing the highest level of security for its users. Certik is the most effective way to achieve this goal. Certik’s rigorous testing and verification process will ensure that MetaBlaze is a secure and reliable platform moving forward. 

It is always advised to DYOR to form your own opinions. However, MetaBlaze looks like the real deal, and it looks like they’re building something far into the future.

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