HovR prepares to shake up the NFT marketplace industry by leveraging the Qi blockchain technology stack. As a result, the days of dealing with high-free blockchains are over, and non-fungible token minting will become far more accessible and affordable.

HovR taps Qi as one of the most sophisticated blockchains with extremely low fees, benefiting the upcoming NFT marketplace. Through HovR, users can seamlessly perform cross-asset value transfers, spanning cryptocurrencies, NFTs, real estate precious metals, and fiat currencies. Any asset can be tokenized through the creation of unique blockchain-based IDs.

Furthermore, HovR emphasizes real-world functionality of non-fungible tokens, including in-game item trading, storing important documents, buying a Web3 domain, social media avatars, ticketing solutions, etc. It will pave the way for bringing even more utility to the NFT industry by exploring new opportunities, ranging from sports contracts to college degrees and digital passports to medical records.

Creating an NFT through HovR is simple, cheap, and efficient.Created NFTs are linked to a wallet address on the Qi blockchain, facilitating true digital ownership and providing a transparent trading history.

HovR opts for the Qi blockchain because it has 300 times the throughput of Bitcoin and ten times that of the SWIFT network. Leveraging such advanced technology could have ensured earlier NFT projects, like Crypto Kitties, could have had a longer lifespan and remained in the limelight. However, they did not build on Qi and opted for a different solution.

The Qi ecosystem is supported by VortX Capital, a global fintech investment company and industry leader. The Qi network is used as the primary payment rail for several applications. VortX intends to launch a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) and play-to-earn NFT games on Qi to highlight its potential further.

Moreover, VortX is also the owner of the new HovR marketplace. The team plans to explore all of the top industry verticals by going all-in on dApps, NFTs, and blockchain gaming for the foreseeable future.

To increase the mainstream appeal of VortX, the company plans to become the first blockchain company to IPO in Africa. The team is engaged in an open dialog with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Equity Express Stock Exchange to make that a reality.

To build initial momentum, HovR created a native NFT collection of the world’s 10,000 biggest cities ranked by population. These NFTs will be part of an upcoming play-to-earn metaverse game where users aim to achieve world domination. NFT holders can own their city and conquer other locations.

Furthermore, HovR is in talks with various entities to secure crucial partnerships for turning event tickets and legal wills into non-fungible tokens.

About HovR

HovR is the world`s lowest transaction fee NFT Markerplace and also the world’s first NFT marketplace to successfully create a .pdf NFT.  PDF NFTs allow for blueprints, secretive documents and wills to be successfully stored on the blockchain as well.

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About Qi Blockchain

Qi Blockchain is a world-leading scalable and distributed, public blockchain network with smart contract scripting functionality as foundation for a digital future.

Qi Blockchain is positioned for Web 3.0, Metaverse, low transaction NFT`s, Defi, and everything the future holds.