On Thursday (June 9), Dan Gambardello, Founder of Crypto Capital Venture, commented on the price of Cardano’s $ADA token.

Earlier today, Gambadello, who is a huge fan of Cardano, the host of the very popular YouTube channel “Crypto Capital Venture“, and a respected member of the Cardano community, told his over 229K Twitter followers:

Next, he explained that $ADA’s price reaching $10 would make Cardano’s market cap would only be around $330 million:

Of course, even $330 billion is 50% more than Ethereum’s current market cap, which is roughly $220 billion, but then there are several crypto analysts, such as “Crypto Jebb”, who believe that Cardano could flip Ethereum:

On Monday (June 6), Gambardello said that $ADA is “on the verge of a breakout”, and that he is expecting a “massive” price rally.

On June 1, Gambardello tweeted that he founded it amusing that some people think it is impossible for $ADA’s market cap to reach $1 billion, even though Ethereum’s market cap has been as high as $500 million.

On May 12, he said that Cardano is “silently positioning itself as the most sound, secure, & scalable blockchain.”

Regarding $ADA’s performance during the current bear market, he had this to say on May 13:

I am 100% aware $ADA underperforms in downtrends. People don’t realize that this is one reason I like it so much. Because while it does underperform in downtrends, it outperforms in uptrends. This means that we now have a way undervalued asset with most upside potential.

This is my take on the market. This is my approach. This is my opinion based on my risk appetite and what I view as compelling opportunity. It’s not advice to anyone to go out and buy $ADA. Please be careful out there.

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