On Thursday (May 5), “Essential Cardano”, the incredible new community-driven platform for Cardano that was previewed by IO Global (IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible for the development of Cardano ($ADA), at the end of March, was launched in open beta.

Here is how Morgan Schofield, Head of Ecosystem Growth at IOG, introduced Essential Cardano at the end of March during the Cardano360 March 2022 event:

Essential Cardano is a community-driven living directory of resources, built to showcase the incredible ecosystem building on Cardano. We built this to be the source of truth for you community to rally around and to get access to the resources that will allow you to be champions for the network and the future of the Cardano platform…

If you are a community member building projects on the Cardano network, use this as an opportunity to showcase your projects to elevate and illustrate what your team are working on…

The ask is really simple. We would love the community to come together and contribute to make this the living directory of vibrant resources it can b. Think of this like a Wiki page for Cardano and much like a wiki page, it takes the people and the community around it to build it into the valuable resource it can be…

The types of formats and content that you can upload are videos, podcast audio, articles, developer resources, really the sky’s the limit here. We built this to be an open source directory. So, every time you do upload something, there’s an opportunity for you to collaborate, to comment, upvote, and to peer review what others in the community are talking about.

Well, yesterday, the Essential Cardano website went live:


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