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Multi-platinum rap group Migos’ popular hip-hop artist – Street Bud – performed live on day one of the two-day Rolling Loud hip-hop show at SXSW in Austin, TX. The GMeta.One metaverse platform live-streamed the Street Bud performance and other acts in collaboration with brand partner Mainstream House. Street Bud delivered a highly energized final performance to the packed crowd this past Friday, adding to the effect of historic advances.

The international music, culture and technology conference had a heavy influence on metaverse and Web 3.0 development this year for the hundreds of thousands of people who attended both physically and via Web 3.0 platforms during the ten-day event. The conference is hosted annually in Austin, Texas, and has been reported to have an economic impact in the hundreds of millions for the city, with residual impacts on music, culture and technology.

More about the GMeta.One SXSW event

Street Bud closed out the 2022 showcase event, while other well-known artists also seized the moment and performed on the Austin stage. Consistently trending hip-hop artist and former NFL professional athlete, LamboGoPro, took the SXSW stage, with the event being live streamed via the GMeta.One and Mainstream showcase. The event was streamed live from a rooftop overlooking the Austin skyline, and delivered viewers a scenic experience while enjoying industry talks, music and more live from the metaverse at no charge.

Now more than ever companies and organizations are looking to the metaverse to leverage the business potential, being empowered by it, to reach people globally 24/7.

 The convergence of music like Street Bud, LamboGoPro, the GMeta.One metaverse technology being on display real-time, and conversation around what it all means would certainly be anticipated to impact the cultural and social landscape around entertainment and other intersecting industries, as SXSW is a major cultural event, followed by close by many.

A little more insight into SXSW and their influence

In 2020 and 2021 SXSW canceled in-person attendance in the large college town, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic across the world. The last year of in-person attendance prior to 2022 drew in over 280,000 people between ticket holders and guests, artists, speakers, exhibitors and vendors. Over the past two years, 2020 and 2021, the conference was restricted to online participation only and still managed to bring in an average of more than 150,000 people.

Many believe SXSW to have a considerable impact and influence upon music and entertainment culture and converges into other areas like technology and science due to the large business and economic share represented by the SXSW community and supporters. GMeta.One partnering with Mainstream in the successful delivery of this experience at the SXSW event just days ago could have significant positive implications for metaverse adoption in coming months and years, as decentralization becomes more heavily utilized on individual, corporate and governmental levels.

GMeta.One has been intentional to align with several brand partners in this promotion season, as the live presale for the $GMO metaverse token progresses further into the second round of sales.

Conclusion and next steps forward

There’s already buzz around music conferences of the same and larger magnitudes, being considered by GMeta.One. Live zoom presentations are held every Monday through Friday at 4 PM est. The team releases news, events, and fundamental ecosystem information on GMeta.One.

GMeta.One has continued in generosity, directing rewards towards $GMO token holders and extended GMeta.One community, regularly conducting giveaways on the zoom presentations, social media channels, and Telegram community. Stay tuned in to GMeta.One social channels for updates on hybrid metaverse development, virtual land acquisitions, $GMO token contests and giveaways through the remaining duration of the $GMO live presale event.

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