Bitcoin 2022 is being billed as the largest Bitcoin conference to date. Whale Night at this year’s experience looks to be an epic time among Bitcoin industry movers and shakers. Details of Bitcoin Whale night and other whale-only events disclose elements of the making of another 5-star experience carefully curated for BTC industry and investor elites expected from far and wide. Recognized faces and personalities from each corner of the world will flood the coastal Miami Beach area this April 6-9.

Whale night is traditionally known to be all but ordinary. The biggest deals and partnerships are said to be started and sometimes even solidified on the first night of the international Bitcoin Conference. This year’s Whale Night doesn’t look to be any different, with events set to kick off at 8pm and last up through 11 – at least officially.

Specifics and details about Bitcoin Whale Night 2022

The scene is always important, as the energy for Bitcoin 2022 will certainly be set in motion at this first official Bitcoin party of the conference. This year’s party will be held at the exclusive Island Gardens Marina and Yacht Club. The marina at Island Gardens is known to house some of the world’s most extravagant Yachts – a rich scene that will illuminate the backdrop of the entire evening.

Bitcoin Whale Night is held at the end of the first day – Industry Day, dedicated to those in the Bitcoin Industry or seriously inquiring. Pitch Day with ABC Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary is scheduled on that same day. Pitch Day will give previously selected Bitcoin-aligned companies and projects an opportunity to pitch their concepts and active work for a chance to win and receive capital towards business development.

Music on BTC Whale night will be curated by Danish-based DJ Morten, consistently one of the top 100 club and party DJs in the world. Live performances will be headlined by the cross-genre electronica, hip hop and jazz band Big Gigantic. The Boulder, Colorado originals have been known to sell out major music festivals consistently, having performed on some of the world’s largest stages, including the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Lollapalooza, Ultra Music Festival and more. Bitcoin industry leaders, innovators, and business elites will be serenaded by the sultry tunes in the midst of fine dining and an electrifying ambiance for 3 entire hours on one of Miami’s most exclusive pieces of land.

Other Whale events for Bitcoin 2022

The Whale Night party is only one of many Whale-only exclusive inside opportunities. Additionally Whale ticket holders get inside access to Bitcoin Renaissance. The Bitcoin art exhibit will feature work from more than 60 painters, sculptors, digital artists, and more. Whale ticket holders will have sole exclusive entry to the exhibit on April 6th, with industry pass and general admission ticket holders gaining access thereafter on the 7th.

Whale ticket holders will enjoy exclusive access to parties and special events throughout the entire 4 days of Bitcoin Conference 2022, as part of the larger Bitcoin Week experience and celebration. A Beach Party of Nikki Beach takes place Thursday night, with whale pass holders only needing to RSVP for exclusive VIP entry. The final day of Bitcoin 2022 features a live multi-stage music concert with international recording artists and DJs performing hit songs for the Bitcoiners in attendance. Whale pass holders will enjoy VIP access to this Sound Money Fest concert as well. World-recognized artists CL, DeadMau5, Logic and DJ Aoki are 4 of the main headliners who will perform along with several other recording stars from across musical lines.

Next steps for Bitcoin 2022

The Bitcoin 2022 experience will be held at the exquisite Miami Beach convention center, with accommodations still available in some instances for those still in need of purchasing tickets and planning travel. Whale pass holders have hotel options that are presented from the concierge assigned to all BTC whales upon the purchase of passes.

BTC 2022 tickets are still available for purchase, with prices set to increase prior to the kick-off of the Bitcoin 2022 experience. Purchases in Bitcoin are discounted substantially. More news and announcements are expected leading up to the epic event with political and business leaders like Wyoming State Senator Cynthia Lummis, the first US state Senator to invest openly in BTC, and Billionaire entrepreneur and investor Michael Saylor – CEO of Microstrategy among other celebrity and notable individuals scheduled to attend. This April 6-9 looks to be quite the time for Bitcoin whales and attendees alike, from Whale night to and through the end of the Bitcoin 2022 experience.

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