Pseudonymous crypto analyst and influencer “Altcoin Sherpa” (who has over 167K followers on Twitter) has shared his thoughts on the price action of Solana ($SOL), Chainlink ($LINK), Axie Infinity ($AXS), Kyber Network ($KNC), and NEAR Protocol ($NEAR).

According to a report by The Daily Report published earlier today, here is what he Altcoin Sherpa said about each of these cryptoassets in a YouTube video released on Monday (January 31).


I would just like to see this area [$60-$70] get tapped several times and then form some sort of bottom and then probably come up, hit this high volume node again around $140 and then probably come back down.


You can probably just look to buy any dip for LINK. I think that it’s possible that we might see [a] return back lower as well down to $15 or so, somewhat like a double bottom in the lower timeframe charts. To me, this looks pretty strong given it’s at range lows, given its high sell volume, given that we’re seeing dips getting bought pretty quickly.


You can still hit like a 2x or something like that from $45 to $90 or some of these levels up [above $110]. It’s certainly possible that this comes.


I would just consider buying any dip personally. Looking for resistance levels, I would look for around $2.40 or so.


It’s possible that we see maybe one last potential shakeout to $8 or so, and I do have bid there. But overall, this coin has held up pretty strong, and to me, this coin looks a little bit better than many other coins right now.

According to data by CryptoCompare, currently (as of 09:00 a.m. UTC on February 3) $SOL, $LINK, $AXS, $KNC, and $NEAR are trading around $98.72, $15.89, $48.86, $1.905, and $10.85 respectively.

And here is some interesting news relating to the above-mentioned crypto projects:

Solana ($SOL)

Yesterday, Solana’s global hackathon Riptide (which runs until March 17) got started.

Chainlink ($LINK)

On January 31, the Chainlink team announced that in January 2022 “55 projects adopted 6 #Chainlink services across 10 different networks.”

NEAR Protocol ($NEAR)

On February 1, NEAR-powered mobile play-to-earn game “Land to Empire” launched on the mainnet.


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