Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are reportedly providing an excellent training ground for savvy job seekers who are looking for an alternative path to the best financial and crypto jobs. 

According to a report by Bloomberg, crypto is flipping the script on the pathway to Wall Street and a high-paying career by offering jobseekers the ability to work on projects as a way to hone their skills. The report draws a parallel between traditional internships and working for a DAO, which allows workers to claim bounties for completing ad hoc tasks such as coding and marketing. 

Unlike highly coveted internships, DAOs allow anyone to participate with the project as a volunteer, thereby building a portfolio of work. The report claims that DAO workers are earning their reputations based upon past work, which is paving the way for higher paying and more lucrative projects in the future.  

Dan Hepworth, a 21-year-old recent grad working with friends on a DAO described the process as “very meritocratic,” and noted that it did not require an extensive job application. 

He told Bloomberg, 

Too many people go into finance and banking and aren’t really adding value, when you can add value by creating something new. 

Hepworth, who holds a degree in computer science and finance from Duke University, has shunned the traditional Wall Street route by choosing to work for a software company and build “cool crypto stuff.” He creates smart contracts with a DAO as a side gig, which he describes as a great opportunity to hone his skills and post his credentials in the industry. 


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