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Ravendexlabs has announced a trading competition to celebrate their BitMart listing which happened on the 10th of January 2022.

About Ravendex

Ravendex, a Cardano startup project that started last year, is on a mission to build a Robust, Scalable and Secure Decentralized Exchange on Cardano where users can trade their Cardano Native Tokens without a middleman.

Rave Token

The Ravendex protocol will be powered by a single utility token $Rave that will have multiple use cases like:


Governance as $Rave holders will be able to vote on certain proposals that affect the Ravendex Ecosystem.

Ravendex staking protocol when released to the public will be unique in its own Form as users can create a Vault, Verify their Address, Choose a pool and stake their $Rave tokens without moving the $Rave assets in the wallet.

$Rave Listing On Bitmart

$Rave token has been available for trading on Bitmart exchange, a popular and traditional centralized exchange (CEX).

$Rave token is listed on major cryptoasset data aggregators with a market cap of over 4 Million Dollars.

Ravendex Team also has plans of Supplying initial liquidity to Sundaeswap to boost its liquidity volume before moving it to Ravendex own Dex when launched.

Rave Trading Competition On Bitmart

To celebrate the BitMart listing, Ravendex is organising a trading competition  in connection with Bitmart.

Ravendex (RAVE) listed on BitMart at 6:00 AM on January 10, 2022 EST! To celebrate the listing of RAVE, we are giving away 9,090,900 RAVE in our RAVE Net Buying Competition Events!


The competition will last from 8th of February to the 23rd of February 2022.

More details can be found on the BitMart exchange website.

The Future of Ravendex?

With a highly experienced development team, Ravendex is on a mission to Develop DeFi Tailored products that would not only accelerate the Cardano ecosystem, but also give value to our products with ground breaking innovate applications on the blockchain.

Ravendex is displaying a huge amount of new development and innovation.

With the Staking Platform being one of the first, Ravendex is poised to become the leading DEX on Cardano.

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