Canadian truckers who are part of the “Freedom Convoy” movement, which has been boycotting the country’s vaccine mandates via a series of transportation disruptions, have turned to Bitcoin for donations after their GoFundMe campaign was suspended. 

The truckers, who began their protests two weeks ago in Canada’s capital Ottawa, have pushed the city to declare a state of emergency by clogging critical roads with their vehicles. Police have begun arresting citizens working to support the trucker’s efforts, in addition to confiscating fuel. 

According to a report by Bitcoin Magazine, the truckers were able to raise nearly $10 million in donations via GoFundMe. However, at the request of the Ottawa mayor, the platform froze the account, prompting Jordan Peterson to criticize GoFundMe’s move as the “single worst act of political corruption” he has witnessed in Canada. 

Local protester and Bitcoin activist Nobody Caribou said the truckers were able to leverage crypto following the GoFundMe freeze out, raising more than 12.4 BTC ($500K) from 4,300 donors. The truckers also started a page on GoFundMe competitor GiveSendGo, raising more than $4 million on the site. 

Crypto supporters close to the situation told Bitcoin Magazine that donations to the official wallet are anonymous and safe. A committee has been appointed to oversee the funds and are using a multisig wallet, requiring three out of five key signatures in order to make transactions on behalf of the truckers.


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