Woonkly.com, the decentralized social media platform for the metaverse, introduces advanced features dedicated to content creators. The functionalities based on NFTs and IPFS empower users to viralize their content among a global audience. Harnessing blockchain technology, the platform promotes creativity and innovation in the metaverse.

Marketing reimagined with Superpowers

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are adopted across industries for various use cases. Woonkly takes it a notch up. It employs NFTs, IPFS, and crypto tokens to facilitate marketing in a creator-first economy. Additionally, there are an array of Woonkly ‘Superpowers’ content creators can unleash to promote engagement.

Let’s check out what they are and how they work.

Using Viral Power, content creators can distribute tokens to users who share (or rewoop, as it is called on Woonkly) their posts. On the other hand, creators keen on building a community of followers can use Super Follow Power to reward tokens to new followers. These are some of the ways the platform incentivizes various behaviors on the platform.

Influencer Power works the other way. It gives tokens to content creators every time he/she gets a new follower. Depending on the nature of your profile and goals, you can choose a superpower that best fits your requirements. For example, if you want to build awareness around your project, you can choose Featured Power. It takes your NFTs to the front page of the platform, drawing wide traction. Category Power filters the same and places your NFTs to the top of the category that your products or activities come under.

In addition to the superpowers listed above, some powers help you promote your page indirectly. For example, you can have your profile professionally designed by Woonkly and give that great first impression.

Why Woonkly Works

The key factor that emphasizes Woonkly’s role in the social media sector is its efficient incentivization mechanism.

Here, users are not bombarded with content based on their recent activities or searches without their permission. They are not reduced to mere passive viewers. Their time and engagement on the platform are valued.

When users share content and show support to a brand or personality voluntarily, they are in effect being a part of their journey. Ultimately, this improves the conversion rate and loyalty. On Woonkly, all profiles are integrated into the blockchain to ensure privacy and transparency. Moreover, creators reserve rights to their content.

What’s Coming

Daniel Santos, the CEO of Woonkly, recently released a whitepaper that features the mission, vision, goals, and roadmap of the project. Woonkly has also acquired a VIP Paddock at the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix to create awareness around the meta social network with artists, athletes, business people, and personalities from around the world.

Featured image via Unsplash.