Ambassador Justin Sun has won his $28 million bid to go to space and he will be taking five crewmates with him. Over the next few months, he’ll select five people, from both his TRON community and from exceptional leaders of the fashion, art, space exploration and entrepreneurship worlds. More details on how this will work will be released over the coming months.

The auction was run by Blue Origin, a charitable organization which focuses on a future where millions of people can eventually live and work in space, with the goal of helping us here on earth. The winnings have benefited 19 different space-based charities, which will all receive a $1 million grant each.

Their job is to inspire future generations to follow careers in STEM in order to help create a future life in space. The funds are generated directly from the auction of which Justin Sun was the winning bidder.

Closer to the Sun

Mr Sun said, “With the rapid development of commercial aerospace, entering space may become a dream that every person can realize in his or her lifetime. We are entering the era of great spaceflight. This great journey requires more people to get involved.”

  • “The initiative of Blue Origin to take more people to space to see Earth as our singular common home is extraordinary. Club for the Future offers a way to use that experience to inspire youth around the world to dream and act on their dreams of science, technology, and space exploration. I felt compelled to help further that vision through my bid.”

Stars in his eyes

Justin Sun is known for his big ambitions as displayed through his former crypto-based projects, his recent nomination as diplomat to Grenada and now on a whole new plane, to his next big journey up in space.

Justin Sun recently came into the spotlight when he met Warren Buffet for a very expensive lunch that cost him $4.5 million in a charitable auction.  The event, which was initially postponed by Sun, was a chance for some leaders of industry to get together and discuss the future of cryptos. Sun, who’s been criticized for the way he markets TRON, has also had lunch with Apple’s Steve Wozniak, after hinting last year to the creation of a “secret project” for the TRX ecosystem.

From there, Sun got heavily involved in bidding for art pieces, including digital art, he spent $611,710 on an NFT featuring a rock, and then purchased a selection of works by both Picasso and Warhol worth $22 million.

Justin, who is no stranger to the limelight, or in this case, the starlight, will be heading off into the fist layer of space on the Blue Origin spacecraft, and will be displaying a Grenadian flag to mark his appointment as diplomat of the country.

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Featured image via Unsplash