On Thursday (December 25), EMURGO, which is the commercial arm of Cardano, reviewed this year’s “achievements and highlights”.

EMURGO, which was founded in 2017, is “a global blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments”; and it “develops enterprise-grade applications, builds developer tools, invests in startups, and provides blockchain education.” The company has “offices and manages projects in Singapore, Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia.”

Yoroi Wallet’s dApp Connector

On July 29, EMURGO announced that Yoroi Wallet would soon “unveil a platform for interacting with dApps – Yoroi Wallet’s dApp Connector”, which would “play a key role by allowing the community to operate with all these decentralized services through their trusted Yoroi Wallet.”

Yoroi, which was developed by EMURGO, is “a light wallet for CARDANO ADA and ERGO’s ERG which allows users to easily and securely store, send, and receive these cryptocurrencies through mobile app and browser extensions.” It also “enables users to stake their ADA for rewards, and vote for Project Catalyst, with new features on the way such as the dApp Connector mentioned above.”

Establishment of a $100 Million Cardano Blockchain Investment Vehicle

In a press release issued on September 27, EMURGO, announced the launch of a $100 million fund that will “invest into early startup and growth stage companies focused on building socially impactful solutions powered by Cardano.” It went on to add that this new Cardano investment vehicle will be “composed of two separate entities, EMURGO Africa, and EMURGO Ventures, each with a distinct investment thesis.”

EMURGO Africa had already announced “two major partnerships to rapidly expand the Cardano ecosystem in Africa and utilize the large business networks of its partners.”

As for EMURGO Ventures, it announced “its first seed investment into Milkomeda – a dcSpark sidechain project bridging Cardano and other Layer 1 blockchain protocols that will utilize wrapped ADA (wADA) as an asset.”

EMURGO CEO Ken Kodama had this to say:

We are more focused than ever on accelerating the development of Cardano’s ecosystem with a rich mix of decentralized services catering to a global community that is increasing in overall blockchain awareness. EMURGO is dedicated to meeting this demand by providing the capital and strategic resources necessary for our portfolio companies to scale rapidly and bring new solutions to Cardano.

And Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO of IOHK, said:

EMURGO’s investments will help to shape the future of the Cardano ecosystem, a maturing network with a creative and diverse community, growing smart contract capabilities and partnerships across the globe that provide social and financial services utilizing Cardano’s provably-secure technology.

Launch of Two Cardano Education Programs

EMURGO said in its blog post that its education unit EMURGO India (EMURGO Academy) launched “a couple of Cardano education courses this year aimed at two different groups – aspiring Cardano blockchain developers with a technical background and those interested in blockchain with a non-technical background.”

EMURGO Academy has “taught more than 7,500 course sessions through 1,150 hours of tailored online content, and successfully educated 2,500 certified graduates from 25 countries.”


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