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Octaplex is offering a new take on collaborations and partnerships in the crypto space by providing a platform for multiple projects to work together to achieve a common goal that not only benefits the projects themselves but also rewards the community and holders at the same time.

The platform created by the Octaplex Network is aimed to change the way projects interact with each other by providing a true blockchain incubator, built upon the basis of sharing knowledge and expertise. At the same time, aiming to reward the holders of their $PLX token with that of their partner projects.

Octaplex Networks Partnership Program and Crypto Incubator

The partnership program that Octaplex has created is something that is rarely seen in the crypto industry. There are many different projects, with varying use cases, all aiming to solve unique problems with even more unique solutions. Octaplex wants to build a platform where this knowledge and expertise can be shared under one network.

Octaplex firmly believes that collaborations and partnerships are the way forward in the current crypto space. By creating a tangible network of sharing, assistance, and growth, with projects and partners who share the same vision, the platform can one day bridge all of the individual networks that currently make up this space, into one decentralized ecosystem.

By sharing the relevant skills and knowledge that each project can bring to the platform, the goal is that everyone can contribute, everyone can benefit, and everyone can collectively achieve the common goal of success.

Weekly Partnerships Projects Added to the Platform

Octaplex is only new, having just reached the 2-month milestone since its inception but already has made a lot of progress in achieving its vision. As of writing, they have partnered with 13 projects, each bringing their own set of skills to the table as each project has its own set of developers with their own expertise and unique solutions to problems they are aiming to solve.

The aim is to bring a new project to the platform each week, each one verified and vetted to ensure only quality projects are onboarded, for the benefit of the ecosystem and the investors that are earning their tokens. In a time where rug pulls and scam projects are rife, having an extra layer of investor safety is important to both the platform and the investor.

The Benefits for $PLX Holders

Octaplex has a unique reward system in place through their very own dApp that holders of $PLX can take advantage of. The platform is easy to use, with a clean user interface, and allows complete customization of the rewards with users able to not only choose up to 6 partner projects tokens as rewards, but also able to vary the percentages of each. This customization option allows complete control over the rewards and puts thepossibilities in the hands of the holder.

The Future for Octaplex

The Octaplex Network was created to be a project built for longevity and has put the foundation in place to sustain itself well past the current market cycle. The goal of becoming a completely interoperable network consisting of many different chains is in itself, a reason why the project will survive for the long-term. The customizable rewards options for its users is a new concept and is one that so far has been met with praise from its shared communities of partnered projects.

The project itself has an extended use case and due to the shared knowledge inside the platform with the many partner projects it already has, as well as the future partners it will bring to the network means collectively any challenge can be overcome. The long-term prospects of this shared ecosystem are vast and if there was any project that will become a mainstay in the future, it will be one that is made up of many individual pieces that are all working together towards a common goal of success.



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