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Intro: the tools that crypto traders use

Good Crypto offers unified advanced trading tools for 30 largest crypto exchanges: from trailing stops to algo orders, portfolio tracking, a suite of custom alerts and market screeners. So what’s the mission of the team?

Good Crypto Solution and why every crypto trader should try it

Good Crypto is an advanced crypto trading terminal and portfolio tracker. This crypto trading app enables retail crypto traders to trade and track their portfolios on 30+ exchanges from one place, with an ultra comfortable UI/UX and bespoke tools. 

Good Crypto makes cryptocurrency trading more efficient by combining charts, order books and trade options – all on one page. Traders can place orders while keeping a close eye on the chart, the order books and track trading history (as in the picture below).

The app has four main modules to offer: market data, trading on multiple exchanges, portfolio tracking & analysis and alerts. 

Trading on multiple exchanges

Advanced Orders and no balance lock on any exchange

The trading terminal in Good Crypto is sleek, functional, and informative. It consists of a charting window, order send form and auxiliary tabs that show your orders, stream live Order Book and Trades from the exchange, compare prices across exchanges in real time, and offer a quick way to set up price alerts.  You can choose any order type – from simple market to Reverse Trailing Stop Limit and easily attach Stop Loss and Take Profit to any order you send.

TradingView charts and Technical Indicators on any exchange

Another thing that can be helpful to any trader, really, is the TradingView charts functionality. On the screens up above, you can see two indicators, Bollinger Bands and RSI. Read more on how to set up Bollinger Bands for crypto trading in our guide!

Advanced Orders on any Exchange

While placing your orders, you can use Market, Limit, Stop Limit, Stop Market, Trailing Stop and Trailing Stop Limit as well as connected Take Profit and Stop Loss. But what is a trailing stop loss? You can learn all about placing it by reading our comprehensive manual.

Portfolio tracking and analysis

The line graph on the first screen is basically how the value of your portfolio has changed over the years. Two pie charts down below are segmenting your holdings on different exchanges and in different coins, respectively. 

The second screen is a detailed analysis of every coin. The third screen is a screen that deconstructs your portfolio on a certain exchange.


Choose between custom price alerts, intelligent market or portfolio movements alers, especially the price-dependent alerts informing you on what’s happening in the market here and now, and exchange listing alerts that help you track all new coins as soon as they appear on exchanges. Receive a notification when a promising new coin starts making moves on Uniswap or PancakeSwap. 

Market Data

Monitor live prices of 5,000 coins with an option to add the markets you follow to the watchlist. To spot the trend in price you can toggle between Day, Week, Month and Year (1st screen up above).

In conclusion

Good Crypto helps you accomplish a multitude of things in the realm of one simple app. Track the latest market data, place super advanced orders not available on exchanges, use automation, track your balances in a matter of just a few clicks and, finally, receive alerts on the general climate inside your portfolio – install Good Crypto on your Android or iPhone and trade cryptocurrency with ease!