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Binance Angles, volunteers who support the leading cryptocurrency exchange’s community and projects, have helped a cryptocurrency user recover nearly $100,000 in the USDC stablecoin after the user sent the funds to the wrong address.

According to a post Binance published the user, identified only as Damien, sent 98,000 USDC on the Binance Smart Chain to the USDC contract address instead of to his own address on the exchange, leading to a loss of funds.

After the user conducted thorough research to find out what could be done, he went into despair and contacted Binance’s French-speaking community on Telegram. The community of over 23,000 is moderated by Binance Angels, who informed Damien there was a chance: Binance’s BNB Pioneer Burn Program.

 The BNB Pioneer Burn Program

Binance’s pioneer burn program is a new initiative meant to help users restore funds they have lost due to honest errors on the Binance Smart Chain. Under the program, Binance covers the lost funds of eligible users by using money that was meant to be used on Binance’s quarterly token burns.

Damien was fortunate enough to see his case meet all of the criteria of the Pioneer Burn Program, meaning that in just 24 hours after his mistake was made, he received the 98,000 USDC back from the cryptocurrency exchange.

 Binance’s blog post details that to be eligible for the program, users’ lost tokens must either be “BNB, “wrapped” tokens (e.g. WBNB), or “pegged” tokens (e.g. BTCB) supported via the Binance “Token Canal” Project,” and have to have been transferred to the BEP20 contract addresses verified on BSCScan so the loss can be publicly justified and recognized as moving the asset out of circulation.

The loss also has to be above $1,000 in value, but smaller than the amount of BNB that is projected to be burned during the upcoming quarter.

Binance Angels

Binance Angels, it’s worth noting, are community volunteers who share their knowledge of the cryptocurrency space and of the Binance ecosystem with its community, and help users navigate everything that’s out there.

These volunteers don’t just help users, but also help translate and proofread content, manage both online and offline communities, and provide feedback on Binance’s features to help the exchange improve.

They are rewarded through exclusive invites to Binance events as either VIP guests or organizers, through meeting with the Binance team, and by attending behind-the-scenes meetings with them. Binance Angels also received limited-edition swag, and exclusive gifts.

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