A $250 million fund launched by Ripple — unveiled during the recent Apex XRPL Developer Summit (September 29-30) — aims to support those who want to “create and monetize accessible and innovative non-fungible token (NFT) experiences on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).”

Ripple’ Creator Fund was launched on Wednesday (September 29) in collaboration with Mintable, mintNFT, and VSA Partners.

According to Ripple, three categories of people/organizations can apply for funding:

  • All creators—from musicians and artists to performers and athletes—and global brand representatives who want to create innovative experiences for fans and open new revenue streams
  • Creative and talent management agencies that are seeking to provide clients a low-risk way to experiment with and promote NFTs
  • Innovators at digital marketplaces that are looking to integrate with the XRP Ledger, bring top talent to their platforms and deliver a seamless NFT experience for developers

The three key features of this fund are:

  • Technical support to integrate with the XRPL and build best-in-class NFT experiences
  • Co-marketing and creative agency support for NFT creation and promotion
  • Access to XRPL marketplace partners that provide seamless NFT experiences for both creators and developers


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