Two enterprising American boys managed to generate $35,000 a month via an Ethereum ($ETH) mining operation they set up in their garage. 

According to a report by Westport News (first reported by The Dallas Morning News), American brothers Ishaan and Aanysa Thakur, aged 14 and 9 respectively, who live in Frisco, Texas, have generated $35K a month in earnings from mining Ethereum. The brothers developed their idea for a home mining rig after hearing a bedtime story from their father about the rapid growth of Bitcoin. 

The brothers were able to purchase an old gaming computer in March, which allowed them to begin mining and generating roughly $1,000 in their first month. The report claims the brothers were able to learn to mine crypto through YouTube videos, in addition to their father providing a loan for an equipment. 

As the operation scaled, the brothers ran into an issue of a shortage in graphics cards necessary for mining. However, the enterprising pair were able to circumvent the shortage by signing up for updates from electronic stores on graphics card restocks. 

The report claims the two boys have been re-investing their earnings into growing their mining operation, in addition to paying for the electricity consumed via renewable energy. The brothers are also setting money aside to eventually fund their college education.


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