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Switzerland-based token bitcci is tokenizing the adult industry. This article clearly outlines the proposed bitcci token offering and how it has prepared itself to maximize its offerings to a large population globally – further pushing its scoop for greater recognition.

In this essence, the bitcci token team aims to redefine the erotic industry by making it legal, safe, and free for everyone. Moreover, the company plans to specifically tokenize the share of its parent firm bitcci Group AG in the Q4 of 2021.

The bitcci company has many plans, goals and ambitions coming up in the year ahead, including the purchase of about 10 plots of land (mainly in Europe) within the next 12 months. Right after the purchase, the company will build 5 new bitcci nightclubs. Additionally, the bitcci company will also continue with its marketing campaign which started on August 21, 2021. Along with this, the company has allocated over 200 big street banners to put in various hot spots of the crypto valley based in Switzerland by the end of this month alone.

Aside from the information mentioned above, bitcci has achieved immense feats. It has completed the private pre-sale of its bitcci cash token. During the auction period, the pre-sale event raised 1 Mio CHF. This sale, in particular, took place in the first two weeks of July this year.

According to the bitcci team, they would use the funds raised during the pre-sale of the bitcci cash token to build strong brand awareness. Even more, the company will also use part of the money to strengthen some of their headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.

In brief, bitcci is a blockchain company headquartered in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Specifically, the company has a broad vision to revolutionize the entire adult industry. Christoph Elbert is the Co-Founder and mastermind who created bitcci in 2017 with a capital of only $500.

The bitcci group of companies is actively building new nightclubs, developing IT platforms, portals, apps, and payment solutions, all specifically created for the erotic industry.

Concerning the bitcci Group AG, it consists of three main public stock companies and two other companies, the bitcci Building AG and the bitcci Club AG. At the moment, the bitcci AG company located in Crypto Valley headquartered in Zug, Switzerland has started the Initial Coin offering (ICO) of the bitcci cash token. Furthermore, government arms will also benefit from features including bitcci connect,, and bitcci API interface.