Cardano Foundation is hoping to drive the adoption of the Cardano blockchain via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) aimed at gamers.

On Monday (September 27), Rival, a “leading gaming and fan engagement enterprise platform provider”, announced a partnership with Cardano Foundation, the “independent Swiss-based non-profit that oversees and supervises the advancement of Cardano”.

Rival specializes in building communities in the gaming and esports space. Some of the many brands/organizations that are using Rival’s enterprise platform solution include Detroit Pistons, Seattle Seahawks, Reading Football Club, and Pop Warner.

As a result of this partnership, Cardano will “facilitate the sales of NFTs, the ability to create and distribute NFTs, the redemption of NFTs for physical goods and marketplace-based royalties within the Rival platform for its clients’ gaming communities, including brands, media properties, sports teams and leagues.”

Rival’s press release says that this collaboration will “further empower brands and organizations to build community through the popularity of sports fan experiences and gaming,” and means that “Rival’s corporate partners, including organizations, teams and leagues will be able to create and launch a variety of NFT campaigns, leveraging its own branded physical and digital teams, with the capability to offer loyalty incentives, including digital currency for gameplay to further drive engagement.”

Frederik Gregaard, CEO at Cardano Foundation, had this to say:

At the Cardano Foundation we are focused on driving adoption and utilization of the Cardano blockchain. What better way to drive adoption than tapping into a market of 2.8 billion gamers around the world. Gamers are already familiar with tokenization, with some of the earliest games featuring applications of virtual currency. Our partnership with Rival is in many ways a natural step.

And Rival CEO Matt Virtue stated:

Our partnership with Cardano marks Rival’s entry into blockchain and is a significant step in our evolution as an enterprise platform solution to unlock the unlimited potential in gaming and esports. The integration with Cardano will help us maximize and personalize the entire Rival experience – for both gamers and partners.


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