In what promises to be the first of many developments, blockchain casino Fairspin has revealed the adoption of the play-to-earn model on its platform.

Major development

Fairspin is regarded as a trailblazer in the blockchain gaming sector. It was one of the first casinos to offer classic and blockchain games. This trend has continued with the decision to adopt the play-to-earn feature on its gaming platform.

Play-to-earn is a concept that has gained popularity in recent months and is a key feature among blockchain-based games. Gamers build the gaming economy and earn rewards for transacting in-game assets. This model enables gamers to take control of the gaming ecosystem and indirectly provides value to in-game assets.

Game developers also benefit as gamers promote their games, increasing their popularity. Its potential in transforming the Fairspin ecosystem is enormous, which is why the blockchain casino decided to adopt it.

Fairspin will deploy this method by crediting gamers with its native token TFS for every game played on its platform. This provides a better option than the traditional cashback system, and everyone benefits from playing games on Fairspin.

The TFS tokens are automatically allocated to gamers based on the number of games played and are a change from traditional gaming platforms that take hours to process cashbacks.

Fairspin set for token launch

The Fairspin ecosystem continues to evolve as more features and products have been released in recent months. One of the biggest developments is the native token called the TFS token. The token was built by Fairspin partner Trueplay and serves as the utility token of the platform.

Ahead of the public sale expected in a few weeks, Fairspin has already issued the beta version of the token TPSbeta to select gamers. The tokens will be used to incentive the gamers before the public sale of the TFS token.

Following this phase, the token will be listed on the popular ethereum – based decentralized exchange Uniswap. Once listed on Uniswap, anyone will be able to obtain the tokens of the first blockchain-based casino. As a result, Fairspin expects the token’s value to increase, and early holders can generate massive profits as the token increases due to adoption.

More features added to Fairspin

Fairspin has also integrated a new feature called Hold-to-Earn. This program bears similarities with staking, and gamers will fix their TFS tokens for a specific duration. During this period, they will be able to earn rewards in TFS tokens from the pools based on different parameters.

Fairspin users have diverse options and can decide to play to earn or hold to earn to leverage the earning opportunities on the blockchain casino. The token is still in its early stages and early adopters will get the reward of multiplying their assets with these features.

To learn more about Fairspin and the upcoming token sale, visit the website and telegram channel.