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The use of cloud computing has been growing over the years, so much so that leading centralized companies now compete for major contracts associated with it. Their services, however, aren’t strictly focused on privacy, protection, and user data integrity.

The lack of focus on these issues has made an “insider threat” one of the most common risks in cloud computing, where insiders leverage their access to take advantage of user data. Confidential cloud computing solutions are priced at a premium because of this, making them inaccessible to most potential users.

Ethernity CLOUD has created a platform that leverages blockchain technology to build a fair ecosystem where everyone can process data on the cloud while benefiting from a focus on privacy and integrity, ensured by the use of a distributed ledger.

Data on Ethernity CLOUD’s ecosystem is protected from insiders and abusive service providers while still allowing users to leverage computing resources to run applications. Its use of blockchain technology ensures costs remain low.

Blockchain-based cloud computing services

Ethernity CLOUD eliminates intermediaries in cloud computing services, allowing it to be cost-efficient and trustless. Its use of blockchain technology ensures privacy on provided services, and allows users to monetize idle computing resources by joining the ecosystem.

The service has virtually no downtime, compatible with the immutable Ethereum network. Ethereum itself has never failed because the blockchain is distributed across a global network of nodes.

Transactions on its ecosystem are enforced by smart contracts, ensuring sellers are getting paid as expected and buyers get what they pay for. The project’s founder and CEO, Iosif Peterfi, is a veteran in the industry who has worked for the U.S. Department of Defense for nearly 9 years.

Before joining the U.S. Department of Defense, Iosif worked at Forte Systems SRL for over 5 years. It’s worth noting he is also the founder of SchnellNode, a Germany-based cloud virtual private server provider.

Demand for Ethernity CLOUD’s Services Is Off-The-Charts

Ethernity CLOUD has already conducted a presale and private sale of its native tokens. During the private sale, investors moved over $150,000 while betting on the company’s future, while the presale saw 90% of its available presale tokens sell off in only 9 hours.

The remaining 10% of the tokens sold out the next morning, with the whole event lasting about 25 hours in total. Community support during the presale was clear, as the minimum package sold was set at $5,000 for the event. The project’s public sale is scheduled for Q3 of this year. – Register Here!

This demand wasn’t just based on the decentralized cloud computing firm’s services, but also on its roadmap and development towards a blockchain-based cloud ecosystem with decentralized application support.

Ethernity CLOUD has already partnered with a number of institutions to move forward with its mission, including the Institute for Internet Security, the Bloxberg Consortium, and the Bank of Memories.

It’s also a member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, of which tech giants including Accenture, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Huawei, and others are also a part of.