An Australian entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of around $180 million has announced a plan to give away AU$5 worth of Bitcoin to every local who gets the COVID-19 vaccine. 

According to a report (published on August 18) by the UK’s Daily Mail, millionaire and entrepreneur Fred Schebesta wants to incentivize Australian residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine by personally paying them small amounts of BTC. Schebesta says he will give AU$5 worth of Bitcoin to people who already have had the vaccine or who get vaccinated in the future. 

Schebesta, who co-founded the financial comparison website Finder and has amassed a fortune worth more than AU$200 million, revealed his plan to radio host Kyle Sandilands in an interview. Sandilands made headlines last month with his ‘Get Vaxxed Baby’ song that went viral in certain circles.

The entrepreneur told the host: 

I’ve had this crazy idea right now – I’ve never spoken about this. We’re going to give everyone in Australia who gets vaccinated $5 of Bitcoin. Get vaxxed baby, and get your Bitcoin baby as well.

Schebesta says users will have to download the Finder app and provide proof of vaccination in order to claim the BTC reward. 

The reports claims Australia’s population over the age of 16 with at least one vaccination shot hovers around 50%, with those receiving the second-dose representing roughly one-quarter of the population. Schebesta would have to pay nearly AU$104 million in order to reward the country’s entire adult population. 

Despite the potential hit to his personal fortune, Schebesta has been exceedingly bullish on the outlook for Bitcoin, predicting the price will reach $255,000 by 2025.  


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