Last weekend, Crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong, who is the host of YouTube channel “BitBoy Crypto”, talked about about Cardano ($ADA) in a video for his super popular YouTube channel.

Armstrong had this to say about Cardano:

Their roadmap is painstakingly mapped out to capture any corner cases keep the bugs to a minimum. Even on their website, they describe Cardano as peer-reviewed and evidence-based. This laser focus means that Cardano is primed to be a lean powerful machine ready to take the lead over their competitors. To say, I’m bullish though on Cardano is an understatement… Besides all the nerd talk about peer reviews, Cardano Founder Charles Hodgkinson has made it a point to embrace decentralization, call it out often…

Cardano Is looking to help second and third world nations come out of poverty and better their people. A lot of the reason countries like Colombia or Botswana are struggling is because they lack the infrastructure to protect people’s property. How can you show proof of ownership of land or farming equipment or an insurance policy if the government or insurance companies only have a paper trail leading back to when the last military coup burned
all the documents in town five years ago or paid Russian hackers to wipe those servers…

I bought Cardano back in January, when it was around 15 cents for ADA. I saw its potential and went big: I bought a million ADA. So far, that’s really worked out well for me. Really, really, really well…

My price prediction conservatively for Cardano in this cycle is a 4X from its current price of $1.70, which would be $6.80. But here’s the thing that’s setting ADA up for such a big pump. It’s shown amazing resilience to price fluctuations compared to other alts during this bull run. It’s smashed its all-time high repeatedly… I predict in my most bullish scenario that ADA can hit 8 to 9 dollars this year.

According to data by TradingView, on crypto exchange Kraken, currently (as of 13:40 UTC on June 4), ADA is trading around $1.7001, up 835.66% in the year-to-date period.


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