Crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen says the majority of investors will miss out on Ethereum’s price rally.

Speaking in a recent YouTube video, Cowen told followers Ethereum will continue to gain price momentum despite the majority of market commentators predicting a looming correction. 

He said, as The Daily Hodl reported:

We know Ethereum is on one hell of a run… We’ll have a correction at some point, but, hey, remember: people have been calling a major correction forever, and so the problem is that the people were calling for corrections [around $1,000], I mean the chances that Ethereum goes back down to $900 in the short term is very unlikely and it may never happen again…

This is what ultimately fuels the Ethereum tsunami is people that keep thinking a major correction’s going to happen. It just keeps going up and so these people ultimately feel trapped, especially if they sold their Ethereum for an altcoin that was pumping and then that altcoin stopped pumping and then Ethereum started pumping. That’s why you wait for the pump to come to you. Wait for the tsunami to come.”

In the long term, Cowen expects the Ethereum price to reach as high as $10K.

At press time, CryptoCompare data shows ether is trading at a new all-time high over $4,300.


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