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After a significant rebound following a retest of the $31,000 mark on Sunday, Bitcoin managed to hit $40,000 earlier Wednesday (UTC). However, it failed to penetrate through the stiff resistance at $40,000-$42,000 and lost momentum. It dropped to then hover above the $38,000 support level. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin is changing hands at $36,000 (on Bitwells).

After Bitcoin’s significant price drop, several attempts were made to break through the resistance at $40,000. The cryptocurrency appears to have lost momentum as it then pulled back further, making it uncertain what’s going to happen next.

Tina Ong, Bitwells’ technical analyst, used Bitcoin’s previous price history to determine its downturn this week appears to suggest the market’s correction is still ongoing.

If Bitcoin fails to remain above the $38,000 support, it could test its support at a lower level. As the market became weaker and its volatility rose, BTC’s price drop may not have affected its long-term bullish trend, and a recovery may be happening soon.

Before that happens, Tina Ong said, BTC may plummet to previously seen lows. A short-term bear market is on the table, with the continued influence of China’s crypto ban and the U.S.’ crypto tax proposal. As conditions worsen, the bulls may suffer in the near future.

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