Popular trader and crypto influencer Tyler Swope updated followers on three little-known altcoin gems that could erupt in the coming months. 

Speaking in a recent YouTube video, Swope said he was bullish on Chainlink’s node service provider, LinkPool (LPL). He called the coin the most established project in its niche industry and compared its relationship with chainlink as a Batman and Robin partnership. 

He said

“LinkPool is hands down the leading ChainLink node service provider. They run the longest standing and professionally managed Chainlink nodes, they created Chainlink markets – the explorer for nodes and Chainlink price feeds. So you can consider LinkPool, the Robin to Chainlink’s Batman. They go hand in hand.”

Swope was also bullish on Alchemist Coin (MIST), a project he predicted could go exponential in the short term. He noted that this NFT project was gearing up to issue limited-edition collectibles to early adopters, which could provide significant gains in the future. 

He explained: 

“Once the frontend UI (user interface) launches, those users will get v2 (second version) crucibles using that interface. The crucibles, are NFTs, thus having a v1 limited edition could be a valuable thing down the road.”

Swope rounded out his lesser-known altcoin gems with the application programming interface protocol Pocket Network (POKT). The popular trader said the project had grown significantly since first announced, despite not yet being integrated with Ethereum.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com

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