If you ask the crypto users why Bitcoin is better than fiat, they will explain how blockchain technology banishes third parties and makes you the only manager of your assets.

However, some of them would claim that Bitcoin provides total privacy, which was later proven wrong. Although tracking someone using cryptocurrencies is much harder, it is not unfeasible.

Each transaction is registered on the blockchain, so anyone can trace the transfers’ origin at the end of a long journey.

Then how can you get total privacy?

By using one of the new cryptocurrency algorithms – Coinomize, also known as a Bitcoin mixer. This algorithm mixes the Bitcoins with others in a pool, making them unidentifiable.

And it’s pretty easy to use it. You just have to add your coins to the platform’s pool. The algorithm mixes them with other coins so that you get clean new Bitcoins at the end of the day, which are equal to the original ones.

The longer the Bitcoins are mixed, the more difficult they are to track.

What other benefits are there?

Coinomize prioritizes people’s privacy and helps increase cryptocurrencies’ utility actively.

That is why the development team did not stop at the tumbler algorithm but designed the platform to remove all user-related information 72 hours after the transaction – safety to its fullest.

Plus, the algorithm is available to everyone, regardless of their income. The service will charge you a 1-5% fee of your Bitcoin deposit, depending on the mixture of your blending power and the transfer time.  And the miner fee is just 0.0003 BTC.

How can I find more about the technology?

First and foremost, the website is very friendly, especially for new users. For example, from the very first page, you can notice a video guide. There is also a FAQ page as well as a blog that features learning articles.

And don’t be shy about asking the team directly on Telegram if you have more detailed questions about the platform. Or, if you prefer video material, visit their YouTube page.

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