Developers for Dogecoin (DOGE), the internet and Elon Musk’s favorite “meme coin,” have announced an update for the project that should speed up the protocol’s sync speed. 

According to an announcement made on Monday (March 1), developers have released a new version of Dogecoin Core that includes performance improvements for the protocol. The Reddit post claims the update significantly improves upon the synchronization speed for nodes uploading blocks. 

The post says: 

Significantly improves the speed at which a node can upload blocks, by removing expensive integrity checks that were performed each time a block is sent to another node. When a block is received and during rescans of the locally stored blockchain, the checks are still performed.

This update also reduces the default time transactions are cached in the mempool from 336 hours to 24 hours. 

According to a report by CoinDesk, the latest upgrade represents the first significant update for DOGE since July 2019.

The update follows a wave of backlash for the meme coin. Cryptocurrency community members roundly criticized DOGE after its growing popularity with Elon Musk and internet celebrities led to the coin skyrocketing in price. 

Musk took a step back from supporting the coin after users pointed out DOGE’s top-heavy holdings and lack of substantial updates.

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