Altcoin Daily host Austin Arnold updated followers with a list of coins he thinks are heading mainstream in March. 

According to a recent YouTube video, Arnold told investors ethereum was likely to make major waves in the coming month. He highlighted the recent announcement by Amazon Web Services to offer ethereum on the Amazon Managed Blockchain. Amazon claimed the offering would provide developers greater access to the smart contract platform. 

Arnold explained

With Amazon Managed Blockchain, customers get secure networking, encryption at rest and transport, secure access to the network via standard open-source Ethereum APIs, fast and reliable syncs to the Ethereum blockchain, and durable elastic storage for ledger data.

The Altcoin Daily host was bullish on the outlook for supply chain management protocol VeChain (VET). He noted the Norwegian aluminum giant Hydro had initiated a pilot service on VeChain in order to further its sustainability efforts. 

Arnold also said the cloud-based wallet Curv could go mainstream in the coming month. He pointed to several anonymous sources who claimed PayPal was interested in purchasing the platform. 

He said:

This could be big in my opinion as a fundamental green flag for the space, and by the way, the altcoins that PayPal supports. Big green flag for them as well.

The Altcoin Daily host rounded out his top five picks with Theta Network (THETA) and Hex Trust, noting the latter had recently announced the launch of the first fully licensed custodial service for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

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