In a recent interview, crypto analyst and trader Scott Melker talked about a relatively new cryptoasset that has shown impressive gains since its launch in December.

BADGER is the governance token for Badger DAO. This can be used for voting and for receiving cash flow from the fees earned by the protocol. The aim of the protocol is to allow the the collateralization of Bitcoin across multiple blockchains.

BADGER’s return on investment vs USD in the past 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day periods have been +153.8, +440.3%, and +926.6% respectively.

Last October, in an interview with Scott Melker for the “Wolf of All Streets” podcast, Badger DAO founder Chris Spadafora said that his team intended to accelerate DeFi adoption via integration with Bitcoin: 

We need more bridges to get Bitcoin from Bitcoin to ETH, and other chains, not just EthereumAnd we need more applications once they’re on those chains to accelerate decentralized finance – the ability to put it to work and do different things while being outside of your traditional financial system.

Spadafora said Badger would allow users to engage in peer-to-peer lending in order to earn higher rates of return on their Bitcoin, in addition to providing liquidity for other users to trade similar tokenized BTC. He called Bitcoin the “best collateral ever invented”, and said his goal was to bring all the best builders together under one collaborative project. 

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