Crypto trader and influencer Ben Armstrong has updated followers on the next ethereum-based altcoin he thinks will turn investors into millionaires. 

In a recent YouTube video titled “Best Coin to Make You A Millionaire in 2021,” Armstrong said his money was on decentralized exchanges (DEX) to continue exponential growth throughout the year. 

He said

The demand for DEXs is growing exponentially with DEX trading volume reportedly growing by 70% in the middle of 2020, setting a recent all-time high of $1.52 billion.

Armstrong highlighted the altcoin injective protocol (INJ) as an altcoin he believes will benefit from the boom in DEX activity. 

He explained, 

Backed by Binance, Injective Protocol is a fully decentralized layer-two protocol that allows for cross-chain derivatives trading. Injective Protocol aims to provide all the features of a centralized exchange on a DEX with focus on speed, security, and liquidity.

According to Armstrong, the protocol’s interoperability features will allow users to trade a variety of crypto-assets across multiple blockchains. The popular trader was also excited about the ability for users to stake INJ, receive rewards, and vote on governance proposals. 

Armstrong predicted the project could skyrocket to $100 per token in the future, representing a price increase of over 500 percent. 

He continued, 

So where do I see the price of INJ going from here? Well, Injective Protocol has absolutely crushed it since launch. I don’t see that stopping. I believe $100 per token is definitely in the cards in the future.

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