Bitcoin bull and market analyst Max Keiser has issued a massive price prediction for bitcoin, saying hyperinflation for fiat currencies will send crypto-assets parabolic. 

In the latest edition of the Keiser Report, wall street veteran and long-time bitcoin supporter Max Keiser predicted bitcoin could increase by 4,000%. Keiser cited hyperinflation for U.S. dollars amidst ongoing stimulatory proposals that would see the Federal Reserve printing trillions in new fiat. 

He said

The reason why Bitcoin is skyrocketing is because there’s hyperinflation in America. And the US dollar is in a hyperinflationary collapse against Bitcoin. And the solution, as we’ve been describing by these policymakers, will always be to print more money.

Keiser claimed bitcoin was on a “one-way trip higher,” in response to the Fed’s monetary solution of printing more money. 

The Keiser Report host also said Tesla’s high-profile investment of $1.5 billion in bitcoin was an indication of Elon Musk going after the Federal Reservce. 

He continued: 

This is a speculative attack that Elon Musk is making on the Fed, right. He’s already gone to war with the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) and he’s shown them to be venal and captured. Now he’s gone to war with the Federal Reserve, and says ‘I’m not going to buy back my own stock; I’m going to take your cheap money.’

Keiser predicted other CEOs in the S&P 500 would follow Elon’s lead by investing in bitcoin as a hedge against fiat currency. 

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