Several prominent crypto strategists are predicting a bullish outlook for ethereum following the crypto-asset’s recent price rally. 

ETH was able to break out of a month-long pattern of price consolidation to reach a new all-time high above $1,680. Crypto trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe said Ethereum was poised to move higher, but cautioned investors to wait for a correction that could happen in the near-term, as Daily Hodl reports.

He said

We just had a very vertical move in which we made new higher highs. We’re looking for a new higher low before we can continue making a new impulse wave on Ethereum in general. 

Van de Poppe predicted ETH could reach $1,700 before ultimately taking an exponential turn to $10,000. 

He continued, 

Ethereum to $10,000 this market cycle.

In addition to Van de Poppe, popular trader Kaleo published a tweet showing ethereum making a move up to $4,000 within the next month. 

Market analyst Smart Contracter also tweeted a prediction that ETH could increase to $2,000 in the next price jump. 

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