Recently, pseudonymous analyst and trader “Cantering Clark” revealed a low-profile altcoin that he is very interested in.

According to several recent tweets, Clark mentioned great interest in the project Decentralized Traded Funds (DEXTF). DEXTF is “a revolutionary on-chain non-custodial asset management protocol” that connects “peer to peer investors and portfolio managers.” It “enables digital-native funds where two parties – which are mutually distrusting – can cryptographically verify the status of the funds and enforce their rights directly through a digital wallet.”

The popular trader linked to a Twitter thread by engineer Malbec detailing the token as undervalued in the DeFi space.

Malbec called DEXTF a decentralized governance token with a “non-anonymous team” that was seeking to become the predominant asset management protocol in the crypto space. The engineer continued, saying the token would allow holders to accrue fees from the portfolio management platform, while keeping the entire distribution process transparent and fair. 

Malbec went on to give a target price prediction of $374 for the token by 2023, representing an increase of 205x from its current valuation. 

Alex Krüger, another popular crypto analyst on Twitter, was likewise bullish on DEXTF. According to Krüger, the project was planning to launch structured products on its platform soon, which represent a “major source” of revenue for investment banks and other wealth management portals. 

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