Popular trader and crypto influencer Elliot Wainman has given his top decentralized finance (DeFi) for the ongoing altcoin market mania. 

In a recent YouTube update, Wainman warned his followers not to miss out on what he called “DeFi mania,” saying the market for crypto-assets was shifting towards DeFi projects. 

Wainman highlighted API3 as a potential top pick, calling the decentralized API services protocol a competitor of Chainlink. 

He said

Seeing the fact that API3 were leading Chainlink node runners and they know really the issues with Chainlink. Band [Protocol] is interesting but it’s not necessarily a V2 on Chainlink in any meaningful way and so for that reason, out of all these… my big, big bags are in API3 [and] Chainlink.

The trader said there was a lot of potential in on-chain liquidity underwriter KeeperDAO (ROOK). Wainman called the project an interesting “first mover” in its field and highlighted that mining for new ROOK was about to end. 

Wainman was also bullish on a similar project named Archer DAO (ARCH), a protocol designed to increase revenue generated by ethereum miners. 

He explained, 

It’s doing similar stuff to ROOK, not a direct competitor but similar stuff in helping miners extract more value and helping deal with the mempool, the transaction writing process in Ethereum. Both of these are set to do incredibly well.

In addition, Wainman highlighted cross-chain liquidity and stake farming protocol RAMP, saying the project was doing “some really awesome things.” He said the project had massive potential given its low market cap and predicted the coin could reach five or ten-times in price in the next rally. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com

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