Popular crypto influencer and market observer Tyler Swope has provided his followers with the next big airdrops that could be bigger than Uniswap.

In a recent livestream, Swope told his 163k subscribers to watch out for the ethereum-based decentralized trading platform dYdX, which he says could be considering a token launch. 

He said, 

The people behind it have mentioned that they are ‘looking’ at a token. It’s been talked about. dYdX has pretty significant volume, especially for a decentralized leveraged trading exchange. This is a big one. If I were you, I would go check out dYdX and add some liquidity.

Swope highlighted FURUCOMBO, a combination protocol, as another platform that could be coming out with an airdrop token in the future. 

The crypto influencer also pointed followers towards Zapper, another aggregation tool for managing DeFi assets. 

He explained, 

Zapper is basically another aggregation tool. Manage a lot of your DeFi assets and liabilities into one simple interface… They just did $1 billion in total volume through Zapper so that’s pretty significant.

In addition, Swope named MetaMask, Paraswap, polymarket, Catnip, DeFi Saver, Foundation.app, and Dark Forest to round out his top ten projects with potentially massive airdrops. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com

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