Last Sunday (January 24), popular New Zealand-based crypto analyst Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark on Twitter) talked about four altcoins that he’s buying at the moment.

In a video released on his YouTube channel on January, Davis told his 180K+ subscribers about four altcoins that he believes will do very well in the coming weeks/months.

The first cryptoasset that Davis discussed was RAMP:

RAMP is a DeFi staking protocol, which essentially allows you to unlock your trapped liquidity… those currently billions of dollars locked in those popular proof of stake chains… you know sitting there, earning those those staking rewards… that’s great, but also means you often have to have this massive amount of capital, which is essentially locked up, not providing value outside of the five, or six, or whatever percent annual reward that you’re getting from that staking award.

RAMP, however, allows you to unlock that value by letting you stake via their smart contracts and then letting you get their rUSD stablecoin in an equivalent amount to your staked capital. So you can then use these rUSD coins to go out and earn more yield…

So, why am I bullshit on it right now? Well, their rUSD minter is going to be going live rather soon, meaning that this project will move from its current suite of early release products to fulfilling its biggest use case… not selling anything till we get to a dollar at least.

The other cryptoassets Davis mentioned were stablecoin “ARTH coin” by MahaDAO, Reef Finance (REEF), and Robonomics Network (XRT).

With regards to Robonomics, which is a Polkadot ecosystem player, here is what Davis had to say:

This basically combines some of my favorite things including robotics and Polkadot. Now the Internet of Things is becoming more and more real every day, requiring more and more solutions to meet that reality. That world is going to require deep efficient data integrations and communications. Robonomics is there to allow for basically robots as a service to become a thing by connecting all these different devices. It’s aiming to be at the forefront of bringing blockchain and robotics.

Over the years, the team has completed really cool integration with things like drones and different sensors to do things like monitor water quality and the so-called robot operating system is already familiar to 22,000 developers, so that’s a really good base be building off of moving forward. Robotics is going to be a massive trend for the coming decades, and I think Robonomics is really tapping into that trend. Robonomics also recently partnered up with Ocean Protocol, so obviously that’s a great data integration for them…

It’s also currently on the Polkadot Rococo testnet as an early parachain adopter. Now the market cap is still rather small, around 25 million dollars, so yes there is a lot of room for this one to grow. It is one of the oldest Polkadot projects, and it is addressing a very interesting market use case.

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