At 11:53 UTC on Tuesday (January 19), the Ether price finally (after three years) surged past its all-time high on Bitstamp and other crypto exchanges. Swedish crypto analyst Ivan Liljeqvist believes the ETH price will quickly reach $5,000.

By 12:01 UTC, the Ether price had reached a new all-time high — $1,435.56 — and entered price discovery zone.

According to data by TradingView, currently (as of 12:18 UTC on January 19), ETH-USD is trading at $1426.56, up 14.44% in the past 24-hour period and up 94.54% since the start of the year.

Earlier today, Swedish crypto analyst Ivan Liljeqvist, best known for his YouTube channel “Ivan on Tech“, told his 324K subscribers in a newly released video that the Ethereum price will reach $5,000 in February.

Liljeqvist had this to say about the latest ETH price action:

You know the meaning of an all-time high? All time high is where we get an insane pump. Most people don’t get it: they think that all-time high is basically ‘now we’re reached potential’. No, all-time high is really the start of a big insane pump…

We’ll go to $5K very quickly if we manage to breach this level [i.e. $,1420]… I think we’ll jump to $3K, maybe even $5K very very quickly… As soon as we reach all-time high, within a few weeks, I think we’re going to double…

He then went to talk about EIP-1559 and how this upgrade (which is expected to go live later this year) will make ETH a deflationary asset.

Another crypto analyst who is very bullish on Ethereum at the moment is popular New Zealand-based crypto analyst Lark Davis (@TheCryptoLark on Twitter), who on January 15 talked about the four major positive catalysts that could propel the Ether price to $2000 before the end of February.

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