B2Broker is on course for perfection, striving to develop its products and drive revolutionary solutions to the market. The company pays close attention to detail and is pleased to welcome clients to the new website which reflects our recent achievements and progress.

Introduction to the Crypto World

Have you ever wondered how cryptocurrencies are opening the way to the financial world? These assets just appeared some 5-10 years ago, and skeptics immediately predicted their upcoming failure. What is today’s outcome? In 2020, Bitcoin turned out to be the best investment instrument, overtaking gold and stocks. The number of merchants accepting crypto payments is growing dramatically. Meanwhile, the EU is ready to issue the ‘Markets in Crypto Assets’ requirements, which takes into consideration the increasing power these assets have.

B2Broker fully understands the essential pros of digital assets over fiat currencies and offers crypto brokers, exchanges, investing funds, merchants and enterprises the best solutions that open the gate into the crypto world.

The Importance of Being Informative

What does our new website look like? Corporate websites perform the function of online offices, but we decided to take it a step further, transforming our website into a giant hub where clients can get complete information about products, follow our recent news, obtain qualitative customer support, or even upgrade their skills through our webinars.

The year 2020 challenges everything and the world needs to react with essential changes. Our new website is the result of 12 months intensive work of 15 experienced professionals, and purports to be the best website ever within the liquidity providing sphere. John Ruskin once said, “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece”. These are the two basics that underlie our whole activity.

The New B2Broker website is a reflection of our business principles: convenience, completeness, and elegance.

Symbolistic Rebranding

Responding to recent trends is one of our key missions, therefore, we needed to rebrand to represent our current philosophy and stylistic visions. Our business solutions have already spread across all continents, with more than 200 institutional clients represented in over 40 countries.

Our team believes that our strength lies in constant progress and to this end, B2Broker continually develops effective new business solutions and keeps on updating its existing products.

There are nine groups of products offered to customers, and these are represented by green circles that show our products are perfect, complete, and help businesses grow. Circles are placed inside a square that symbolizes the security and protection that B2Broker gives to all clients.

Available Crypto Products

The list of crypto products launched by B2broker is extensive. Firstly, we offer a crypto processing gateway for merchants and enterprises so that they can accept crypto payments, hold, or exchange digital currencies. Furthermore, we offer turnkey solutions including crypto broker and crypto exchange. Our company is well on the way to being a leader in the crypto liquidity sphere.

Apart from qualitative and revolutionary products, we offer a series of educational materials based on our personal experience. Our customers’ business development success is important for us. In this respect, we are ready to help clients around the clock in 13 languages.

If you have any questions or need a professional consultation, email [email protected] or visit the new B2Broker website:  www.b2broker.com. Let’s move the world ahead together!