Ripple’s chief technology officer (CTO), David Schwartz, took to Twitter to outline the obstacles XRP faces in order to gain mainstream adoption. 

In a series of tweets published on October 28, Schwartz responded to questions posed by the Ripple community over the development of XRP moving forward. Schwartz, who is one of the original architects for the XRP Ledger, highlighted the primary obstacles for XRP in order to achieve broader adoption by banks and financial services companies. 

According to Schwartz, XRP is being held back by “regulatory uncertainty”, “last mile problems”, and fear of backlash from existing banking partners.

Schwartz acknowledged that XRP is a relatively new product for the financial system and that adoption would require time for “heavily motivated” partners to push the benefits of XRP onto their customers. 

He cautioned that adoption for XRP would be “slow to get momentum.”

The Ripple executive also commented on J.P. Morgan’s launch of the JPMCoin saying its use would be limited to customers familiar with the bank.

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