Popular crypto commentator and BTC bull Max Keiser called out Twitter and Square, Inc. CEO Jack Dorsey for his commitment to bitcoin, while saying that American CEOs are “not getting the big picture.”

In a tweet published September 30, Max Keiser called Dorsey’s commitment to bitcoin “pretty words,” but questioned whether the CEO had the same level of commitment as other figures in the industry.

Keiser pointed to Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy, and his company’s significant investment into bitcoin as a more exemplary figure for the industry

Keiser also claimed that American CEOs were missing the “Big Picture” on bitcoin and its value in countries like Nigeria which are currently undergoing massive crypto adoption. 

Keiser’s comments came in response to a tweet by Dorsey calling bitcoin “direct activism” against the current financial system. Dorsey, who founded the payments platform Square, called the financial system “exclusionary” and said it negatively impacted much of our society. 

Keiser, who hosts the Keiser report, has been a long-time bitcoin bull and crypto supporter. Earlier in the month he predicted that bitcoin would eventually achieve widespread adoption by central banks in the face of global fiat failure. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com