Popular economist and crypto analyst Alex Kruger predicts that bitcoin and other store-of-value assets will benefit from the Democratic party making a “clean sweep” in the upcoming U.S. presidential and congressional elections. 

According to Kruger, a Democratic victory in November will prove bullish for bitcoin, gold, silver, and other metals. Kruger points towards a weakening dollar, an increase in solar panel demand, and renewed interest in precious metals as driving most of the gains.

Kruger continued his prediction, saying real yields would be driven further into the negative while risk-based assets would climb higher. He said banks and financial institutions would benefit from the increased yield curve, despite suffering from a step-up in regulations imposed by a Democratic White House. 

Kruger also claimed clean tech would experience a boost from Democrats sweeping the election, while noting that “Big tech” would underperform due to the risk of a monopoly breakup. 

In addition, Kruger predicts “massive fiscal stimulus” arriving in the first half of next year, regardless of whether the plan is approved prior to the election. Kruger anticipates discussions over increased taxes will dominate the political conversation next year, with the majority of the raises being delivered in 2022. 

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com