Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange EOSFinex has announced the launch of its beta version on the EOS Mainnet. 

According to a tweet published on October 7, EOSFinex, which bills itself as a “deeply liquid, high-performance decentralized exchange,” has officially launched a beta version on the EOS mainnet. The launch will allow users to access Bitfinex liquidity directly through EOSIO wallets, with trading set to begin on October 8. 

In a blog post published earlier in the year, EOSFinex announced its mission to offer economical and user-friendly trading for the world’s most popular digital assets. The beta launch, originally slated for July, is the purported first step in the “ambitious roadmap” set forth by the decentralized exchange. 

The launch includes a redesigned exchange with an updated technical architecture that closely integrates Bitfinex and EOSFinex, allowing users to leverage the cryptocurrency exchange’s liquidity directly through EOS mainnet wallets. 

The post also claims the new launch dramatically improves the speed, stability, and capabilities of the trustless trading platform. 

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