Online casino gaming has been on a continuous rise in recent years and this is understandable. Playing casino games online is simply convenient and players are always offered plenty of options by many online casino operators when it comes to the different games that they can play and even bonuses that they can take advantage of.

Now, one sector of online casino gaming is becoming more and more popular as well, and this concerns the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other more. Currently, there are already plenty of bitcoin casinos out there and some of these only cater to cryptocurrency users. This just shows that more and more players are now choosing to gamble with cryptocurrencies.

However, how safe is it to gamble with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies? A short answer is that it is generally safe. This is even if there are still people who are hesitant about the safety of using cryptocurrencies in general.

It is no secret that fraud or theft still happens in the cryptocurrency market. However, reports have shown that these activities are more likely to happen with crypto exchanges rather than an online casino. And even if cryptocurrency casinos don’t have any problems when it comes to safety, it is generally safe to gamble online.

Many would even say that transacting with online casinos using cryptocurrency is a safer alternative than other payment options. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions are encrypted and easy to trace. If in case a fraudulent activity happens, it will be easy to point out what happened because of the blockchain technology.

Aside from how secure transacting with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is, gamblers also get privacy with their transactions. They can anonymously deposit to their casino account with Bitcoin. There is always no need to disclose any other information to make a Bitcoin transaction. You will only always need a wallet address and you’re good to go.

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Bitcoin Casino

And so, it is generally safe to gamble at online casinos with cryptocurrencies, but as a responsible gambler, you still should do your research when it comes to choosing the right casino. You can always check online casino review sites for this but here are some of the important factors to consider whenever you’re shopping for an online casino.

  • License

Whether you’re looking for a Bitcoin or traditional casino, this is something that you should always look for. Never transact with an online casino that doesn’t carry any license. You can check if a casino site is licensed to operate by usually scrolling down to the bottom of the site. The online casino should display which jurisdiction has issued the license that they are carrying.

The license could be issued by jurisdictions like Curacao, Denmark, Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, and many more. Typically, the license badge that they display is also clickable. Once you click on it, you should be directed to the jurisdiction’s site showing that they have indeed issued a license to that specific casino.

  • Site Security

Website security is important even if cryptocurrency transactions are already encrypted. Check whether the site is also encrypted as this could help ensure that your information and transactions can’t be accessed by anyone else. Always go for online casinos with web addresses that start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. A lock icon should also be present on the web address tab when you’re on the casino page. A secure online casino would also display the security software that they use to ensure your safety.

  • Customer Support

Customer service is important in any business especially if it concerns making transactions. Check how well the customer service is of a casino site by checking reviews. It’s always better to choose an online casino that has different channels when it comes to how you can reach a customer service representative.

Usually, support can be reached via email, chat, secure messaging, and even through phone calls. Some online operators offer support 24/7 and that’s always better to have. The last thing that you want is to encounter an issue with your transaction and have a hard time getting the help that you need.


Bitcoin casinos are safe to gamble with. However, a conscious effort is always necessary to make sure that you don’t get scammed with any of your online transactions. Your safety will also depend on your choices, and so make sure that you’re always making a smart or wise choice whenever you’re shopping for an online casino.