Asset management firm Zeus Capital has issued a warning to chainlink investors to exit their positions before “its too late.”

Zeus Capital has continued its ongoing war with chainlink by telling investors not to be “fooled” by the recent price action.

The alternative asset firm had slammed the project at the end of last month, labeling LINK a “Russian pump-and-dump” scheme. According to Zeus, the project’s co-founders were selling off vast amounts of LINK after driving the coin’s price with largely intangible real-world partnerships.

In a new report published August 28, Zeus has accused LINK investors of conducting a campaign to “liquidate” the asset firm, which held a short position against the altcoin. Zeus said chainlink was employing a “typical PR tactic” to threaten short-sellers rather than addressing the arguments made against the project. 

The report reads, 

Lacking the ammunition to refute our statements, Chainlink/SmartContract decided to pretend that the report does not exist. In the background, however, they mobilized each and every fictitious “partner” and paid “supporter” to discredit us mainly by attacking our legal entity and credentials.

Zeus went on to detail an alleged four-part pump cycle which began on July 31, with LINK investors rallying on social media to drive the price higher. The asset firm accused Smart Contract, the team behind Chainlink’s development, of dumping up to $40 million in LINK and contributing to the price dropping 25% in 48 hours. 

The report concluded by warning investors, 

There are lies, damn lies and Chainlink. Don’t get fooled for your hard-earned cash.

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