Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer says EOS is poised to dominate the decentralized finance (DeFi) market following the surge in transaction fees and network congestion for ethereum. 

In a series of tweets published September 5, Blumer criticized ethereum’s network for creating a “slow, costly, high inflation” blockchain that is largely under the control of the three largest mining pools.

According to Blumer, ethereum’s mining “cartel” has refused to upgrade the network’s scalability in order to continue generating high mining fees.

Blumer called EOS an “indisputable upgrade” to ethereum that has continued to “deliver technological innovation monthly.” The Block.One CEO accused ethereum’s community of attacking EOS over centralization in an attempt to cover up for their own shortcomings.

Blumer, who’s Block.One is the major developer behind EOS, had previously said his platform woud dominate the DeFi market. In a pair of tweets published in mid-August, he praised EOS for having the “performance, liquidity and developer community” to support DeFi applications not possible on other blockchains. 

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