Venezuelan has blocked the main opposition party from distributing $18 million worth of cash to healthcare workers via the peer-to-peer crypto exchange AirTM.

According to a report by, Venezuela has blocked the disbursement of funds previously seized by the U.S. from the Nicolas Maduro government. The money was originally intended to be distributed to 62,000 healthcare workers throughout the country beginning on Monday, through the use of crypto exchange AirTM. Workers were reportedly going to be paid $300 in equal installments over the course of three months. 

The US had tabbed the Juan Guaido-led opposition party to oversee the fund distribution, which is recognized by several countries as Venezuela’s legitimate governing body due to Guiado’s role as speaker of parliament. 

Guaido released a press announcement on August 20, verifying AirTM’s effort to distribute the funds to the country’s healthcare workers. 

Matt Ahlborg, data scientist and creator of, highlighted Guido’s efforts in a Twitter thread on Aug. 21.

According to Ahlborg, AirTM operates out of Mexico City and is encouraging Venezuelan citizens to circumvent the government’s blockade by accessing the exchange through the use VPNs.  

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