SimpleSwap, a cryptocurrency exchange, has recently issued a mobile app. The mobile app is available for two platforms: iOS and Android.

The SimpleSwap Mobile App provides customers with many benefits to make the exchange process convenient for everyone.

300+ cryptocurrencies available

Customers have the opportunity to choose coins and tokens from an extensive cryptocurrency list. The search function and a display of the selected cryptocurrency make it convenient for smartphone users to find the desired crypto pair.

Sign-up free

There is no need to sign up to make cryptocurrency exchanges on the SimpleSwap Mobile App. All you need is to download the app on your mobile phone.

Status Notifications

Customers receive push notifications when the main exchange statuses change. This feature helps to track the exchange process in the details.

Exchange History

Exchange History is stored in the Mobile App, so customers can quickly access and track operations, statuses, and cryptocurrencies that were previously exchanged. It’s also possible to check the detailed information of every exchange.

Notifications with Special Offers

The Mobile App customers are the first to know about the SimpleSwap news, promotions, and discounts. In the app settings, it’s possible to control and configure push notifications as the customer needs.

Mobile App Support

In case of questions and issues, customers can contact the support team 24/7 directly in the Mobile App. This is a quick and convenient way to contact the SimpleSwap Support Team.

With each new application update the new features will be added in order to make the cryptocurrency exchange process even more simple and convenient. The SimpleSwap Mobile App is already available at both: App Store and Google Play.

About SimpleSwap

SimpleSwap is an easy-to-use and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that has been on the market for more than two years. The platform is in good standing with the customers and has a high rating on Trustpilot.
The main aim of the SimpleSwap team is to simplify the cryptocurrency exchange process and make it clear and transparent for every customer.